Counselling Psychotherapy

If you are having a problem, or keep having the same thing happen, and don’t know how to stop it. If memories of painful or frightening incidents are preventing you from enjoying life now. If you are fed up and fed up of being fed up. If life seems to have no fun, happiness, or meaning. If you have been trying to make something happen for you. If you are stuck or lost.

Psychotherapy or Counselling can help you!

Relationship, psycho-sexual and Couples Counselling

Anxieties, Tension, Stress, Worries, Panic Attacks

Trauma and PTSD

Sadness, Depression

Fear and Phobias

Addictions to any unwanted or unhelpful behaviours

Lack of confidence and self esteem

Difficulty with people, shyness, social phobia

Emotional Wellbeing

We can help you establish what your desired outcome (your goal) is, help you with making it appropriate in your life, realistic and achievable, and have an urgent sense of wanting it and confidence in achieving it.

Life-goals offers flexible sessions face to face (in my rooms or at your home), by video, by phone

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Psychotherapy Cheshire