Fees and Costs

Most people thinking of embarking on a course and journey of psychotherapy will want to have an idea what it will cost. This is sensible as you would not embark on any major project without getting an estimate or a quote. The short answer, however, is that you cannot know what the cost of achieving your desired outcome will be, until we have defined what your desired outcome is, and what we could do together to achieve it. The cost per session provides no relevant information until you know how many sessions, of what length, spread over what period you are thinking of having.

It’s a project to achieve a desired outcome
It is more useful to think in terms of the total project cost to achieve your desired outcome over a period of time. That is how most people would regard a course of driving, dancing, riding or other hobby or sport lessons, a language course, or an academic or vocational qualification. You may wish to think about what you invest in hair and personal grooming over a year, and what you spend on holidays and days out. The length of session, frequency of sessions, and number of sessions is negotiated with you on an individual basis. You can arrange it to suit your desired outcome, the time you have available to work on the change you wish to see, and your financial circumstances. Consider the costs to you, in time, opportunity, happiness, sense of achievement, and money, of not achieving this desired outcome. If you decide to bring your desired outcome to therapy, you are investing in a life change, and learning, that will increase your happiness and life fulfilment, over the course of the rest of your life.

Another reason why the hourly rate is not a good guide is that NLP therapy and CBT therapies are brief therapies. They are powerful vehicles for change, and really significant changes can be brought about in a few sessions. You will not be returning every week for months. This is not expected. The frequency of sessions will vary depending on where you are in the therapy process. Most therapy plans entail more frequent sessions at the start and less frequent towards the end. It is expected that most of the work will be done by you doing things differently in the time spent outside the therapy room. The work done inside the therapy room is a trigger for that. The speed of change partly depends on you, and your readiness to try new things and new ideas. Unless you have a lot of painful history that you need to talk about, and put in perspective, you should not expect to spend more than 14 hours in therapy, for most problems, and for many people, it is less. Part of the reason for this is that I have a great deal of experience of helping people to make significant, beneficial changes in their lives. I expect that change to happen, and it does. There is more information about how this psychotherapy works here.

You are under no obligation to commit to anything, and most people plan and pay session by session. So email me now to explore what you need (it’s free of cost and obligation) to see what could happen.

There are reduced fees (10% off the standard hourly rate) for booking and paying for 10 or more hours of therapy in advance. In addition, sessions of 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours are better value for money than 1 hour ones. So if you are keen to make the most of your money, this is worth bearing in mind. You can pay as you go, pay for a package of 10 hours or more, paid in advance, or agree a monthly standing order.

So, after all that discussion, what might the cost of achieving your desired outcome actually be? You want to have some idea of how much you might need to budget for? My rates are £75 for 60 mins and £100 for 90 mins, £140 for 120 mins. You can reckon in total somewhere between £600 and £1050. Contact me now to explore what you can achieve.