Relationship Therapy

Helping You Reconnect with Your Self and your Partner

Are You Feeling Like Your Relationship has come to an end?

• Do you find that there’s little interaction between you & your partner?
• Do you feel like you’re trying everything to improve your relationship, but it’s not working?
• Do you wish you could tell your partner how you’re really feeling?
• Do you want a closer connection with your partner?

You don’t have to struggle with your relationship or live with an unsatisfying relationship. I want to help you learn how to manage your life, discuss tough topics positively and have the relationship you want.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Maybe you’ve been trying to fix your problems for a while but keep ending up in the same place. Maybe you feel hopeless and have had thoughts of separation or divorce. Relationship Therapy helps you gain new tools and understanding of your relationship. Therapy can help you to see past the problem and work towards positive solutions, resulting in better communication and a closer relationship.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are we motivated to make positive changes in our relationship?
Do we care enough about our relationship to work on making positive changes?
Are we willing to put forth the effort to make those changes happen?
Are we willing to put aside our differences and put our trust in the process?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, then you’re on the right path! Take the next step and contact me!

I am Gender and sexual diversity (GSD) friendly, knowledgeable and experienced.

What If Your Partner Doesn’t Want to Seek Help?

While I prefer to work with couples together, your partner may not be ready or willing to participate. If this is your situation, we can still provide you tools and support through individual therapy, which can still bring about much needed changes. It is possible to make positive changes working one-on-one.

I Want to Help You…

– Learn new tools to make positive changes within your relationship.
– In a safe environment to feel heard & understood.
– Gain a better understanding of what’s really happening in your relationship.
– Draw upon your strengths to build a stronger relationship.

Contact me now! and start taking charge of your relationship!