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Ann Ingham Psychotherapist Counsellor Coach UKCP Registered NLPtCA Accredited BABCP accredited MBA BSc(Hons) RN

I can help clarify and achieve your goals (desired outcomes) to help you to be more effective.

I can quickly put you at your ease, building rapport and trust with you. You can feel completely able to be open about your issue whatever it is. I enable you to work with me to solve your problem, and help you to reach your goals. I am warm, supportive and completely non judgmental.

I have a wealth of experience in supporting people through change and growth in their vision and abilities. I have worked in diverse situations ranging from teaching people to overcome anxiety and panic, helping people build their self esteem and confidence, assisting couples to improve communication within a relationship, relieving severe depression, supporting people through applying for a new job, career and training programme, planning and implementing major organisational change, supporting families in bereavement and sudden illness, coaching managers to improve their team performance through change, and helping people in mid career to make changes in their work life to increase their satisfaction.

I have worked directly with clients as a psychotherapist and counsellor, coach, as a nurse in critical care, and have led diverse teams as a manager and consultant. I have a wide knowledge of management, psychology, personal development, spirituality, philosophy and organisational development. Academically, I have a Diploma in Psychotherapy, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, BSc (Hons) from Manchester University and an MBA (with Distinction) from Ashridge Management College.

Personally I have been on a path of development for many years and have pursued increased effectiveness, balance and perspective in my life. I explore the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of my own life and experience and the links between them. I practice what I teach and coach, and so bring to you the validity of experience.

I am a master of therapeutic modelling. Able to stand in your shoes and understand the world from your perspective. Then I can help you see what needs to be changed and how to reach your desired outcome (goal).

My key abilities are:

Psychotherapy and Counselling
Couples and relationship Counselling
Life Coaching
Skill and performance development coaching
Change management
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Systems and Process Design and redesign
Project Management

My focus is on personal and organisational development. I seek to enhance your ability to respond in a way of your own choosing to life’s challenges. I will enable you to contribute the best of your abilities to all your activities. I facilitate organisations to make effective use of individuals abilities and contribution. I support people to take responsibility for their own lives i.e. to have the ability to choose their response and so live the life of their choosing.

I have the ability to support and encourage you to clarify and achieve your goals and achieve your dreams.

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