If you are a parent you know how much you have tried to give your kids the best start in life. And do you know what helps them grow to be happy and content in their lives? You are probably confused at times by the variety of advice and information available. A new study by researchers at Monash Univeristy in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia sheds some light on what parenting strategies affect the later development of anxiety and depression in teenagers.


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This may help you to modify what you do to help your kids grow to be happy and content and successful adults. If you feel things are not optimal and would like to talk it over and or make some changes contact me to discuss how our therapy services could help.

If your kids are already showing signs of depression or anxiety its not too late to help. Encourage them to talk to you and when you do listen and validate their feelings rather than commenting on them from your own perspective. Encourage independance and a sense of internal leadership in them. Talk to your doctor and encourage them to seek effective help. I can put you in touch with approriate help if you need it.