British singer Robbie Williams has spoken out about how his music career has had a negative impact on his health and wellbeing, contributing to feelings of anxiety, depression and agoraphobia.

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, the 43-year-old singer – who joined super group Take That aged just 16 – explained that he thinks the music business has been very bad for his health, the Sun reports.

He said: “This job is really bad for my health. It’s going to kill me. Unless I view it in a different way. [Depression] sprints through my family. I don’t know if I’d be this mentally ill without fame. I don’t think it would be as gross or as powerful if it hadn’t been for fame.”

The musician continued to say that because he’s so in the public eye and has the attention of the world upon him, his defects have been magnified as a result as well.

Common signs of depression can include feeling irritable, agitated or restless, feeling empty or numb, having no self-confidence or self-esteem, finding no pleasure in life or activities you might usually enjoy, or feeling isolated and unable to relate to others.

It can affect your behaviour, so you might find yourself self-harming, avoiding social events, finding it hard to think or speak clearly, having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, feeling tired all the time, no appetite and weight loss, using alcohol, smoking or taking other drugs more than usual, and moving very slowly or experiencing physical aches and pains with no obvious cause.

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